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    Honors Application

    This form serves as the application to the UNC Asheville Honors Program and is to be completed by all students seeking admission to the program in Fall 2019.  Once completed, each application will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and a representative of the Honors Program will soon be in touch regarding the status of your application.

    NOTE: This application is to be used only by applicants who are currently in high school or early college/dual enrollment programs. All others interested in the Honors Program (e.g., full- or part-time students at colleges or universities) should write to the program's director, Patrick Bahls ( about admissions procedures for such students.
    Mailing Address

    Short Responses
    Please respond briefly to each prompt below.  Each response is limited to 1500 characters.
    Taking a Risk
    Beyond the Classroom Walls
    Community Engagement
    Creativity and Innovation